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Why You Need Reverse Logistics to Handle Holiday Returns

With what is sure to be another high-volume holiday season quickly approaching, businesses are doing...

October 14, 2021
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How to Maximize Your Current Workforce During Peak Season (and Beyond)

There are a number of labor challenges that supply chain employers are facing as we enter this year’s peak...

September 30, 2021
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4 Peak Parcel Planning Strategies for your Logistics Network

Since the onset of the pandemic, parcel carriers have reported that they’re operating at peak levels...

September 16, 2021
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Combatting Capacity Challenges with Flexible Space and Multi-Client Solutions

Warehouse space is in short supply. The global pandemic spurred an eCommerce boom and a shift in inventory...

August 31, 2021
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Keeping the Human Aspect in Mind when Applying Autonomous Technologies

The supply chain is teeming with exciting new technological advancements, from autonomous robots and drones,...

August 26, 2021
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How Predictive Analytics is Transforming Logistics Networks


Predictive analytics are no longer just a nice bonus feature for logistics networks—they’re a necessity for...

August 05, 2021
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Labor Shortage Impacts: Mitigation Through Innovation

Industries across the U.S. are experiencing steep labor shortages as the nation comes into what we hope to be a...

July 26, 2021
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Turning Data into Warehouse Safety: Leveraging Wearable Technologies and Ergonomics to Put People First

Warehouse safety has always been top of mind for facility managers, especially as organizations began...

May 21, 2021
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The Supply Chain is Permanently Transformed

Change Has Been, and Will Be, Constant

Homes have become the new frontline for many of the activities that used...

May 13, 2021
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Managing Supply Chain Crisis Ripple Effects

Mounting disruptions over the past 12+ months have shown both shippers and consumers how a seemingly distant,...

April 29, 2021
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What is FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) Now?

The Supply Chain is Permanently Transformed


April 22, 2021
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Q&A With Erica Dunn: Celebrating Women's Leadership | Kenco

With promising glimmers of light visible in the distance after what’s been an anything-but-normal 12-month ride...

March 08, 2021
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Can Ecommerce Handle a Virtual Valentine's Day? | Kenco

With eCommerce’s biggest peak growing smaller in shippers’ rearview mirrors and the world still largely...

February 04, 2021
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How to Transition to a New 3PL Provider for eCommerce Fulfillment

This year’s peak season exhausted supply chain infrastructure, technology, customer support, and its workforce...

January 21, 2021
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3 Ways a 3PL Can Improve Your Supply Chain

Not long ago, manufacturers were primarily tasked with shipping cases or pallets to a distributor or retailer,...

January 07, 2021
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4 Strategies for Finding and Retaining Warehouse Labor

Labor continues to rank as a top priority for warehouse managers working tirelessly to keep up with...

December 03, 2020
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Top 3 Reasons You Need Enhanced Technology for eCommerce Fulfillment

Few industries have grown as rapidly as eCommerce, and the business model continues to evolve. The change has...

October 12, 2020
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How to Find Warehouse Space When Demand is High

3PLs Can Help Customers Locate the Warehouse Space Their Businesses Need

September 24, 2020
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70 Years of Innovation & Customer Service | Kenco

1950 was a significant year in our nation's history. NATO was created. The comic strip Peanuts by Charles M....

September 17, 2020
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Planning for Peak 2020 – 5 Tips to Succeed in a Year Like None Other

What can be said about Peak 2020 other than the real test (peak season) is yet to come? Extensive modeling or...

September 03, 2020
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Top 3 Benefits Small Businesses Gain by Partnering with a 3PL

Across the United States, there are more than 30 million small businesses. While each is unique in terms of...

August 31, 2020
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3 Best Practices for Warehouse Management Amidst the Pandemic

As 2020 moves toward Labor Day and the end of summer, this year is likely to be remembered as a time of...
August 19, 2020
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How Does a 3PL Company Stay Innovative For 70 Years? | Kenco

August 1, 2020 marked 70 years since Kenco’s founding in 1950 as a then-warehouse management services company....
August 12, 2020
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Top 5 Criteria for Selecting a Partner to Manage the Personalized E-commerce Experience

The novelty of ordering a product online and receiving it on your doorstep in one to two days has become...

June 24, 2020
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Top 3 Warehouse KPIs for Supply Chain Success in 2020

With the first half of 2020 (somehow) coming to a close, our industry continues to search for solutions and...

June 04, 2020
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5 Ways Strong Vendor Relationships Yield Innovation | Kenco

Now more than ever, relationships matter as we all work together to maintain supply chain and business...

May 26, 2020
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New Options for a New Era of Ecommerce Fulfillment | Kenco

Omnichannel companies and their e-commerce fulfillment operations continue to be tested by consumers’...

May 14, 2020
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Digitalization: A Critical Strategy for Recovery

Supply-chain disruption from the pandemic has created new challenges for shippers, requiring an...

May 08, 2020
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5 Signs It's Time to Outsource Your Ecommerce Fulfillment | Kenco

E-commerce continues to dominate conversations, business strategies, and consumer preferences. In an...

April 24, 2020
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Supply Chains Need Support: Could Blockchain Be the Answer?

In 2017, the electronic “cryptocurrency” Bitcoin exploded onto the financial scene as professional investors...

April 09, 2020
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Creating a Culture of Warehouse Safety | Kenco

Safety is not just a poster or a slogan – it is a culture that must be built and maintained. The keys to...

March 12, 2020
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Managing Transitions On Time & On Budget | Kenco

The boom in global e-commerce continues to change how shipping and logistics companies approach distribution...

March 06, 2020
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4 Ways Shippers Can Deliver the Happy on Valentine's Day | Kenco

Now that the holiday season is in our rearview mirror, and everyone’s New Year’s resolutions are well underway,...

February 06, 2020
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4 Similarities Between Football and Your Supply Chain | Kenco

As Super Bowl LV draws near, most of the country has their calendars marked with virtual party plans for the...

January 30, 2020
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Augmented & Virtual Reality: 4 Ways to Find Real Supply Chain Value

Virtual reality is often a topic associated with science fiction, video gaming, and ultra-realistic amusement...

January 23, 2020
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4 Impacts of Returns That Affect Your Supply Chain | Kenco

Returns are now part of the holiday gift giving season. According to the National Retail Federation, up to 55...

January 09, 2020
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Peak Season Challenges for Warehouses & Supply Chain Managers | Kenco

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – for most. The buzz of the holiday season tends to bring out the best...

December 19, 2019
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Will Blockchain Rise Again?

In 2017, the electronic “cryptocurrency” Bitcoin exploded upon the financial scene as naïve professional...

December 05, 2019
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How 3PLs Have Evolved from Transactional to Strategic Customer Relationships

Not long ago, manufacturers were primarily tasked with shipping cases or pallets to a distributor or retailer,...

November 07, 2019
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July 19, 2019
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Supply Chain in the 21st Century: How to Adapt When Technology is Always Changing

Consumers have become accustomed to ordering nearly any product or service online, and the growth of e-commerce...

July 17, 2019
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June 07, 2019
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What Are the Top Dashboards Every Executive Should See?

With all organizations being bombarded with information, it is essential to strategically evaluate data. In...

June 05, 2019
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The Amazon Effect Series: How to Compete with End-to-End Visibility

Today, consumers expect fast delivery with visibility into their order along the way. Large players, like...

June 05, 2019
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How To Reduce Supply Chain Costs in 2019

With all industries focused on the bottom line, cost saving is a hot topic for most organizations. In the past...

May 15, 2019
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Why is Benchmarking a Necessity?

As supply chains have become increasingly complex and technology advances, there is more data available than...

April 24, 2019
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The Amazon Effect Series: Cost-Efficient Ways to Increase Supply Chain Velocity When "Fast Delivery" is the New Normal

For supply chain leaders, Amazon has created the standard for two-day shipping, putting pressure on the rest of...

April 17, 2019
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What Is Inefficient Packaging Really Costing You? | Kenco

It's easy enough to shrug off: what could a little extra cardboard, some packing peanuts or excess shrink wrap...

December 27, 2018
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Is It Time for You to Get a Labor Management System? | Kenco

Nothing breeds skepticism in business tools quite as quickly as a tightly-managed budget. Whether management...

December 20, 2018
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An Inside Look Into 3PL Pricing Best Practices | Kenco

When your company needs a service, financial concerns are typically viewed through the lens of a budget: you...

December 13, 2018
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Measurements That Matter: 6 Key Supply Chain KPIs

Whether you are publicly traded or privately held, every business is about obtaining results. If you do not...

December 06, 2018
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The Future of Supply Chains: Preparing for the Next 10 Years

If you could tell a warehouse manager back in 1980 that someday robots would be working alongside humans in the...

November 28, 2018
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How to Prepare Your Warehouse for New Technology | Kenco

As supply chains have gotten more high-tech, the most important link—the warehouse—has had to put on speed to...

November 08, 2018
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How To Find Affordable Warehouse Space | Kenco

Your warehouse is the beating heart of your market presence—when it is set up properly, it supports your...

October 25, 2018
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10 RFP Questions to Ask in Your Next Logistics RFP

The dissatisfaction of a 3PL's performance over time can be a result in lost expectations. If the initial RFP...

October 18, 2018
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5 Necessary Tactics to Battle the Logistics Labor Shortage | Kenco

The source of the labor shortage in the logistics industry is an extremely complex issue. Dissatisfaction with...

October 11, 2018
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Top 10 Warehouse Best Practices

Improving warehouse operations is a complex undertaking involving the blend of physical space, equipment,...

October 04, 2018
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6 Areas to Focus on for Supply Chain Innovation | Kenco

In a competitive market, the push to innovate and improve can feel less like a carefully-structured plan and...

September 27, 2018
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Infographic: 2018 Supply Chain Innovation Survey | Kenco

In 2017, Kenco’s State of 3PL Innovation Survey asked supply chain leaders their thoughts on innovation - one...

September 17, 2018
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Current Trends in Logistics Real Estate | Kenco

Much like residential real estate, the industrial real estate market is booming and changing rapidly. Economic...

September 06, 2018
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How To Find A Perfect Warehouse | Kenco

Finding the right warehouse is arguably one of the most important decisions your company will make. It has the...

August 23, 2018
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The Challenges Facing Blockchain Adoption in Logistics

Like self-driving cars and fully automated homes, the potential of the blockchain is exciting—but...

August 16, 2018
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Blockchain Doesn't Have To Scare Your CEO | Kenco

Corporate NDAs, contracts, industry insiders—for as long as business has been around, there's been a certain...

August 09, 2018
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Which Pricing Model is Best for Your Warehouse?

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution for business. Regardless of industry, audience,...

August 02, 2018
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Blockchain in the Supply Chain | Kenco

Look into any dispute between supply chain nodes, whether it's an incorrect manifest or a more litigious issue,...

July 26, 2018
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Navigating Today’s Logistics Labor Market

Qualified candidates are, to an industry, the most valuable resource a company has for spurring growth. Without...

July 12, 2018
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5 Reasons to Get a Supply Chain Management Degree | Kenco

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate has dropped 5.8% in the past eight years,...

July 05, 2018
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Top 10 Cities for a Distribution Center

Distribution and logistics are critical components of ensuring that your company’s products get where they need...

June 28, 2018
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2018 WERC DC Measures Report | Kenco

Kenco has partnered with the Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC) to present you with key metrics...

June 25, 2018
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Evaluating Your Contract With a 3PL | Kenco

Your contract is the foundation of your partnership when you work with a service provider, and for that reason,...

June 14, 2018
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6 Signs It's Time to Hire a 3PL | Kenco

As companies change and grow, the infrastructure that supports them needs to follow suit. That means adding...

May 24, 2018
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The Future of White Glove Delivery

No matter how innovative your product may be, it's no longer enough to offer a high-quality product at a...

May 22, 2018
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How Much Should Your WMS Cost?

Introducing a warehouse management system, or WMS, is a natural result of business growth—in fact, you might...

May 17, 2018
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5 Common Questions About the Cost of 3PL Services

You put a lot of thought into the goods and services that drive your business. You've likely done intensive...

May 15, 2018
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Is Your Logistics Provider Charging Too Much? | Kenco

No matter how advanced the technology behind business becomes, there will always be a place for "gut...

May 08, 2018
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Warehouse Lease Negotiation Best Practices

The right warehouse for your company is similar to a tailored suit: it should make your company look in control...

April 26, 2018
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How IoT Enables Logistics and Supply Chain Management?

Supply chain management is the key to success in every business- retail, service, and manufacturing. Anyone...

April 24, 2018
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Collaborative Robots: 10 Things to Consider When Selecting a Picking/Put-away Solution

Over ten years ago, Kiva Systems forever changed the warehouse landscape by introducing their flagship product,...

April 05, 2018
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Top Supply Chain Management Publications

Every industry is unique, with its own rites, rituals, and news to know and track. That's why each industry...

March 22, 2018
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How Legislation Changes Affect Your Supply Chain | Kenco

When your company uses an outside service provider like a 3PL, it takes certain concerns off of your plate -...

March 01, 2018
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Supply Chain Innovation: Path to Success

Innovation is a team effort requiring collaboration and buy-in from all levels within an organization, and it’s...

February 16, 2018
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Best Practices for Retaining Holiday Staff and Transitioning to Full-Time Staff

As the contracts of holiday hires expire, you may be wondering the best way to proceed. While the need that...

February 15, 2018
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How to Embrace Lean Warehousing Practices in 2018

Even the most determined business optimist would be hard-pressed not to find a warehousing cost that isn't...

February 06, 2018
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​2018 Guide to Supply Chain Network Design

The supply chain is one of the most commonly discussed aspects of business––so much so that it seems to take on...

January 30, 2018
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Taxing Automation – A Bad Idea

Late last year, a San Francisco politician launched a statewide campaign to raise money for a California ballot...

January 25, 2018
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​Top Digital Supply Chain Publications of 2018

After numerous requests from industry fans, Kenco is proud to offer a 2018 installment of our popular "Top...

January 23, 2018
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Using Telepresence Technology in Warehouse Operations

I recently had the pleasure of working with Suitable Technologies in an interview piece on how telepresence...

January 11, 2018
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Supply Chain Innovation Technology: No Longer Just a Build vs. Buy Decision

A couple of years ago, Meg Whitman, the CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, wrote a post on LinkedIn where she...

January 04, 2018
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10 Benefits Of Choosing The Correct WMS | Kenco

Are all warehouse management systems created equal? The WMS programs of a decade ago were once rigidly...

December 13, 2017
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Making a Play to Motivate Employees with Tiered Accountability

While personal accountability is the norm in business, for divisions that work as a team out of...

November 30, 2017
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How To Set 2018 Productivity Goals for Warehouse Operations

Much like personal resolutions, setting productivity goals for a new year is a smart idea. Aiming for certain...

November 21, 2017
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The Non-Negotiable Parts of Your 3PL Contract

As alluring as the concept of a set-and-forget partnership in business may be, the reality is the complexity of...

November 14, 2017
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Why an Internal Warehouse Quality Audit Is Critical to Your Warehouse Operations

Whether we intend them to or not, our experiences form a lens through which we view the world. If we decide we...

November 09, 2017
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How Blockchain Technology Impacts the Supply Chain

The digital currency called Bitcoin has been in the news recently as its value has skyrocketed to over $6500...

November 02, 2017
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4 Key Areas of Excess Waste in Your Warehouse Management

Each "hiccup" in a workflow is another roadblock standing between a task and a goal. In a warehouse setting,...

October 19, 2017
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Does Your 3PL Need to Be ISO 9001 Compliant?

There's a reason a service business is often called an organization––the concept is crucial to keeping the...

September 27, 2017
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7 Things Your 3PL Needs to Know About Your E-Commerce Fulfillment

Brick and mortar shopping is going the way of the dinosaur, and more and more people are logging on to get the...

September 20, 2017
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Making a Company a Family

“Our employees are the backbone of our company, and they should always feel appreciated for their commitment...

September 05, 2017
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Making the Inbound Logistics Top 10 3PL list in 2017

We all know how important and accomplished it feels when you win an award. Whether it’s the trophy you received...

September 01, 2017


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