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New Options for a New Era of Ecommerce Fulfillment | Kenco

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Omnichannel companies and their e-commerce fulfillment operations continue to be tested by consumers’ overwhelming transition toward online shopping. This shift has only been exacerbated due to the recent restrictions brought on by the pandemic. With the market’s focus on the largest e-commerce players, who are even struggling to find fulfillment solutions, mid-sized companies looking to evolve their businesses continue to be underserved.

Kenco is furthering its strategic initiatives in support of today’s omnichannel supply chain customers by continuing to adapt to this e-commerce market segment’s evolving demands.

Addressing market needs

While most logistics companies and 3PL providers see the big-box retailers and e-commerce giants as key targets in the space, we continue to see the demand for support from the smaller end of the profile. As larger shipping opportunities have been postponed due to furloughed workforces, lack of capacity, etc., these types of operations are not looking for solutions at the moment. Kenco is answering the call from mid-sized, direct-to-consumer companies that are brand centric, digital natives, and looking for scalable solutions providing them with space and infrastructure during these times.

Extending our reach Kenco_Blog_New Era of Ecommerce_Coverage

Kenco will soon expand its reach, offering e-commerce solutions to the greatest percentage of the U.S. population in ground services bringing these businesses in closer proximity with their customers. Companies will be able to leverage Kenco’s strategically located U.S. facilities, allowing coverage of 90% of the U.S. This comprehensive access to nationwide customers, along with major parcel provider hubs, will enable companies to optimize and streamline their fulfillment operations by reducing transportation costs through lower shipping zones, increasing speed of delivery.

A partner to grow with

When a major e-commerce retailer required a multi-channel fulfillment space ahead of last year’s holiday season, Kenco was able to engineer a solution that met the retailer’s unique wants and needs within a tight startup timeline. Not only were we able to deploy a turnkey facility, but our solution also allowed the flexibility to support the company's 50% year-over-year growth.

With many mid-sized companies quickly outgrowing their past practices and internal resources, having adequate space allowing the room they need to grow and scale their operations is essential. Kenco’s e-commerce fulfillment centers will empower companies with all-in-one facility spaces that meet DTC and B2B requirement needs for omnichannel brands, while simultaneously allowing our services to do the same to meet their fulfillment needs.

Kenco_Blog_New Era of Ecommerce_ExpertiseAs supply chains work to support the world’s exploding e-commerce demands, Kenco is continuing to identify and address the market segments looking for solutions to their unique challenges. With this latest addition of a strategic, scalable space offering, Kenco can provide the expertise, infrastructure, and agility to meet the needs of these entrepreneurs as their businesses evolve.

If your e-commerce business is looking for a partner that can support your operation through its evolution, click here.


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