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Rajiv Saxena

Rajiv serves as SVP of Supply Chain Solutions. He is a logistics and supply chain management industry thought leader with strong experience and expertise in supply chain optimization, sustainability, business intelligence, IT systems development, continuous process improvement, management consulting and developing global supply chain strategies.

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What Is Inefficient Packaging Really Costing You? | Kenco

It's easy enough to shrug off: what could a little extra cardboard, some packing peanuts or excess shrink wrap...

December 27, 2018
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Is It Time for You to Get a Labor Management System? | Kenco

Nothing breeds skepticism in business tools quite as quickly as a tightly-managed budget. Whether management teams...

December 20, 2018
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6 Areas to Focus on for Supply Chain Innovation | Kenco

In a competitive market, the push to innovate and improve can feel less like a carefully-structured plan and more...

September 27, 2018


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Kenco provides integrated logistics solutions that include distribution and fulfillment, comprehensive transportation management, material handling services, real estate management, and information technology—all engineered for Operational Excellence. 

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