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How Does a 3PL Company Stay Innovative For 70 Years? | Kenco

Posted by Kenco Staff
August 1, 2020 marked 70 years since Kenco’s founding in 1950 as a then-warehouse management services company. From humble beginnings, seven decades of innovation, customer commitment, and a drive to continually improve and grow have led Kenco to where it stands today – North America’s leading, fully-integrated third-party logistics (3PL) provider.

To recognize this milestone in business longevity, we will look back on Kenco’s rich history and evolution throughout the month of August. We’ll celebrate our varied successes and set our sights on future initiatives and innovations that aim to revolutionize the supply chain and logistics industry. But how does a 3PL company continue to stay innovative after 70 years? Simple – our four P’s.


It is by design that the most important factor in Kenco’s longevity and success is at the top of our list. Our people – associates, stakeholders, customers, partners, and families – are the heart that pumps life throughout Kenco’s operations at every level. From warehouses, to boardrooms, to the open road, Kenco’s people are the change makers who not only spark, but drive innovation at every level.



Kenco’s ability to deliver uncommon value for seven decades resonates throughout its deep-rooted relationships with its partners, some of which were built in our founding year of 1950 and still remain today. A commitment to unwavering support has been the guiding light that continues to navigate us in rising to customer challenges and exceeding their expectations. Through forging deep relationships that often extend beyond business purposes, we are able to leverage the combined resources, knowledge, and experiences of our partners to innovate beyond what is possible as a single entity.



Kenco’s processes are what house our innovations, giving them an arena to learn and grow to better serve the needs of our customers over time. Our process innovations have always stemmed from an engineered approach to developing solutions tailored to customer and industry demands. We have dedicated ourselves to never-ending process improvement and will continue to use that drive to fuel our innovative spirit for decades to come.



To say the logistics industry has changed over the past 70 years would be the understatement of the century. Dramatic transformations sparked by evolving technologies, increasing customer and consumer demands, and market volatility, have kept the industry in a constant state of real-time adaptation, showing no signs of slowing down. Innovation is the way forward, and Kenco continues to make the investments in its People, Partners, and Processes that will allow it to change and grow with its environment, surmounting whatever challenges it presents.

Taking time to acknowledge and reflect on the work done over the past 70 years is a reminder that there is much more to be done. The global environment has always, and will continue to, present new challenges on each of our doorsteps, and Kenco stands ready to continue to answer the call with forward-thinking, innovative solutions.

Kenco Staff

Written by Kenco Staff


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