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How 3PLs Can Help Implement MHE Maintenance Plans | Kenco

Posted by Russell Wells

In recent blogs, we have explored how to extend the life of a forklift, as well as the pros and cons of the three most used maintenance plans for MHE fleets, to help shippers realize the importance and benefits of having a proper MHE maintenance plan for their fleets.

You now know your options for maintenance plans and how they are essential for optimizing fleet performance, reducing costs, and increasing productivity, but how can you ensure you are deploying the right plan for your operation and maximizing its potential?

The right 3PL partner can help shippers implement the best MHE maintenance plan by offering extensive experience, unique, technology-driven insights, and an engineered approach to ensure shippers maximize their plan’s effectiveness.



Engineered approach

Every MHE fleet is unique, requiring customized, tailored solutions, and there is no exception when it comes to maintenance plans. Kenco does not just look at your fleet when implementing a maintenance plan, we take all elements of your business operation into account – equipment ownership, lease contracts, company accounting, financial structure – and assess your situation from a risk standpoint to maximize efficiency and mitigate expenditures.

Our innovative approach to creating the most comprehensive and cost-effective solution thrives under a fixed labor/variable parts model. Kenco offers the fixed labor cost by providing in-plant technicians, permanently placing skilled professionals into customers’ facilities, to handle all fleet repairs and maintenance as well as parts management.


Extensive experience

It is almost impossible to know and understand what damage could happen and what level of repairs may be needed for your MHE fleet without a consistent service provider or management company overseeing fleet maintenance. Shippers are typically so laser-focused on executing daily operations and handling customer demands that understanding the intricacies of MHE maintenance costs and repairs simply does not fit into the agenda.

With seven decades of experience, Kenco can quickly understand breakdown costs and schedules, allowing customers the comforts of a healthy fleet so they can focus on meeting demand.


Unique insights

Experience, however invaluable it may be, only offers a certain level of insight based on historical, learned knowledge. Partnering with a 3PL dedicated to investment in innovation is the best way to ensure your maintenance plan is powered by best-in-class tools and systems.

Kenco’s extensive experience and knowledge are both amplified by a robust database, advanced technologies, and predictive analytics, which allow us to not only understand equipment costs but predict them throughout your fleet’s entire life cycle. Kenco can then uniquely provide a parts’ budget, coinciding with fixed labor costs based on accurate predictions of equipment consumption and machine breakdown schedules. The ability to accurately budget for maintenance expenses provides a significant advantage in an increasingly competitive market.

While understanding the importance of an efficient and effective maintenance plan and the options for your MHE fleet is a step in the right direction, a 3PL like Kenco can not only streamline the implementation process but can pass on its resources and industry knowledge to your business.

MHE can account for nearly 20% of a supply chain’s total operating costs, making a trusted partner dedicated to minimizing that expense while optimizing output almost invaluable. To learn more about how Kenco can help implement the best maintenance plan for your MHE fleet, click here.


Russell Wells

Written by Russell Wells


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