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eCommerce Predictions for Peak 2022

Peak 2022 Predictions

While eCommerce promises growth for Peak 2022, it won't come without significant issues. Rising prices are intersecting with an overage of inventory which means holiday shopping will start even earlier this year. However, spending regrets will lead to higher than normal return rates, so businesses need to be prepared. Smart eCommerce entities have diversified their shippers by now and are providing the necessary incentives to keep their labor forces happy to weather the volatile season.

With the right technology and partners, shippers can enjoy a smoother than expected peak season despite the unusual disruptions of the past two or three years. Stay in the know with market trends by enlisting the expertise provided by 3PLs that keep their fingers on the pulse of the industry.

For more information about eCommerce or to speak with an eComm expert, visit our eCommerce page.



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