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Three Signs You Could be a Target of Transportation Theft

Posted by Mike Finn


You could be a target of transportation theft in your supply chain if:

  • You have distribution centers in California, Florida, Texas, New Jersey, or Tennessee
  • You ship full truck load or container loads
  • You use brokerage or contract services

Your options:

  1. Stop making good logistics decisions to try to be less of a target
  2. Prepare your supply chain

U.S. cargo thefts average 81 incidents per month. In 2011 there were 974 reported cargo theft incidents – 853 were full truckload or containers and 34 were facility burglaries. (Source: 2011 US Cargo Theft Report)

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Theft strategies:

  • Deceptive Pick ups
    • Identity theft of truck drivers means easy access to your cargo in secure lots
    • Lumpers, look-outs, and others work as an organized team
  • Lower value loads with easy resale have less security procedures
  • Full and multi-truck and container loads make it worth their while and have more predictable routes
  • Thieves are aware that there is minimal law enforcement
    • Companies hesitate to report theft to avoid damage to their reputation or insurance rate increases
    • Jurisdiction is an issue
    • Criminals often avoid prosecution and sentencing

Due to minimal law enforcement, cargo is low risk, but high reward for thieves. A crime of opportunity, transportation cargo thefts can be prevented through active monitoring of in-transit shipments and building trust with supply chain partners.

What is the risk level of your routes?

See all of the thefts on your exact route, including how and when the thieves stole the loads. By entering in your route starting and ending location, you can see risk level and see details of previous thefts on that route. Click HERE to learn more about the tool.


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Mike Finn

Written by Mike Finn

Mike Finn is Senior Vice President of Transportation at Kenco, a leading provider of distribution, transportation, and supply chain intelligence solutions. He provides strategic direction for the transportation activities for Kenco’s integrated solutions. Previously, Finn was with Transplace for 15 years where he held positions of increasing responsibility within the sales and operations departments. Before his tenure at Transplace, he worked for JBHunt. His education includes a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management in 1997 from University of Arkansas College of Business (Logistics & Marketing); and a Global Supply Chain Executive MBA from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, TN.


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