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Survey Says 71 Percent of Drivers Frustrated With Compensation

Posted by Todd Johnson

Kenco, in partnership with CarrierLists, surveyed drivers to reveal the state of the profession in 2018. Results revealed driver sentiment on topics like job frustrations, infrastructure frustrations, reactions to the ELD mandate, and where drivers can see room for improvement.

With the gloom of the driver shortage growing, it's imperative that supply chains listen to and value their drivers. Kenco used the information from this survey to create an infographic that provides insight into the major frustrations drivers have — as well as improvements that managers and dispatchers can make to improve drivers satisfaction.

In this infographic, you'll find insights such as:

  • 71 percent of drivers are frustrated with reasonable compensation
  • 39 percent of drivers are frustrated with the poor quality of highways
  • 72 percent of drivers saw a decrease in hours on the road after the ELD Mandate was implemented

Download your infographic to discover all insights from this survey.



Topics: Transportation
Todd Johnson

Written by Todd Johnson

Senior Vice President - Head of Transportation at Kenco Group


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