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Logistics Technology: Trends and Developments in Kenco IT

Posted by Steve Hitchings


The use of technology within the 3PL industry benefits companies by improving customer service, inventory accuracy, shipment accuracy, internal processes, and operational efficiencies.


At Kenco, our goal is to delight our customers with world class operational expertise through the use of technology. Through continuous improvement in both warehousing and transportation, we create the uncommon value our customers deserve and build long lasting partnerships.

 I joined Kenco in June 2015 as Senior Vice President of Information Technology. When I joined Kenco I brought more than 30 years of experience in logistics technology, managing daily operations of global IT development and deployment, and IT strategic direction and alignment.

 One of the first things I noticed about Kenco’s IT organization is we are very customer focused. Kenco does whatever we have to do to make sure our customer is happy. Regardless if the customer is internal or Kenco’s customer – it is paramount to maintain a solid level of satisfaction. The organization reacts to our customers’ needs. I have yet to hear anyone in the IT group say they can’t do something. It’s just that kind of mentality.

 With that said, the future holds great developments for our IT organization. Supply chain managment technology is embarking on a vast and fast paced frontier. For warehouse management systems, we are rationalizing the portfolio products we have today and developing our go-to market strategy. The same can be said for our transportation technologies. In business intelligence, we are moving toward a tool used not only for reporting, but also for data analytics and data mining to give us differentiating technology compared to our competitors. The goal will be for us to deliver a BI tool for our internal and external customers, which allows them to better manage their respective businesses.

 Finally, we are focused on labor management. The possibility of implementing a teir-1 labor management system is exciting. The system would be utilized by our current and future operations, allowing our operation teams to better manage their workforce and plan for peaks and valleys in their operations. This will in turn identify trends to better manage staff, become more cost efficient, and drive savings for our customers; while giving us valuable data to staff and price future business.

 Kenco’s IT organization is passionate about continuous improvement. We are streamlining and perfecting our process. We are looking at ways to lower our costs. And we are working towards shortening our startup timelines to ensure we are cost competitive in the pursuit of new deals. Every day we strive to be better than we were the day before. My goal for our IT organization to “show up” and deliver every day. The ultimate goal is to provide IT solutions and processes that contribute to Kenco’s growth, customer service, and retention while improving operational excellence.

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Steve Hitchings

Written by Steve Hitchings

Steve has a record as a leader and business partner who collaborates with other executives to use technology to transform and simplify business processes while delivering bottom line measurable benefit


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