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Kenco Wellness Wins Awards

Posted by Scott Mayfield


“Do something today your future self will thank you for tomorrow.”

Kenco’s Wellness Committee makes preventive offerings and educational topics available to Kenco employees to help them lead healthier lives. Committee members ensure employees are aware of how to participate in company-wide wellness programs to include smoking cessation, healthy weight loss programs, and ways to safely increase physical fitness levels.

Annual biometric screenings are also offered for medical plan members to assist in anticipating potential medical issues before they become catastrophic. 

Through their efforts, Kenco has been awarded The American Heart Association’s Fit Friendly Worksite GOLD level award for the past 3 years, and in 2015 Kenco received a Well-Being award from Cigna.

The requirements for these awards place Kenco’s wellness program in good company with other organizations across the U.S. 

The criteria includes:

  • Providing biometric screenings and health risk assessments
  • Actively promoting tools such as walking programs, onsite/offsite physical education classes (e.g. aerobics, yoga, discounted gym memberships) pedometers/tracking booklets/digital application, and health fairs/lunch & learn educational events
  • Developing nutrition programs and emphasizing the availability of healthy food in the workplace
  • Encouraging employees to take stretch breaks, utilize standing desks and conduct standing or walking meetings
  • Recommending local walking paths and establishing challenges that promote increased physical fitness activity
  • Ensuring appropriately trained employees are available to handle medical emergencies utilizing first aid and CPR
  • Distributing online newsletters and information packets promoting healthy living
  • Demonstrated support from senior leadership
  • Providing an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) supporting emotional and financial counseling and social support

We are applying for these awards again for 2016 and look forward to continuing to provide employees tools to assist in the pursuit of optimal health.











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Scott Mayfield

Written by Scott Mayfield

President - Kenco Management Services at Kenco


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