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Kenco Prototype Goes To Market: LoadProof - Webinar With Talking Logistics

As we have mentioned before and we mention in our mission statement: To expand Kenco’s market reach by unleashing ideas and serving as passionate advocates and educators of innovation. We think differently, “inside the box.” We are thrilled to introduce a project we have been working on and collaborating: LoadProof.

The concept of LoadProof came from our customers. Specifically, our Idea Challenge where we have quarterly competitions to gather the best ideas and solutions to a given theme or topic. Kenco’s customers reported they were dealing with significant financial penalties for products arriving in non-compliant condition. Many were forced to accept the chargebacks because they had no way to prove compliance at the time of shipment. A recent report from Supply Chain 24/7 states, “some retailers count these fines as up to 13% of their account revenue.”  

Kenco Innovation Labs developed a prototype app and website which was beta tested at five Kenco locations. After a successful pilot program, Kenco strategically partnered with Smart Gladiator to develop a scalable, secure, enterprise-ready application that is now available for both Android and Apple devices. It has a secure cloud repository to store the photos, which can be easily integrated into various supply chain systems. LoadProof increases supply chain visibility by photo-documenting shipments to improve compliance and reduce costs. The LoadProof app is now available at

Kristi Montgomery, Kenco vice president of Innovation, Research, and Development and Puga Sankara, principal with Smart Gladiator recently had the opportunity to speak with Adrian Gonzalez from Talking Logistics about LoadProof.

In addition to partnering with Smart Gladiator, Kenco Innovation Labs have partnered with JDA and UTK Haslam College of Business Supply Chain Management Facility to create a great whitepaper on innovation in the supply chain. Download the whitepaper below:

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Kenco Innovation Labs is a dedicated team of specialists who identify, research, and prototype creative ideas with the potential to impact the supply chain.


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