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Introducing Kenco FleetCloud™ for Your MHE Operation | Kenco

Fleet awareness begins with real-time visibility into robust MHE data metrics provided by telematic devices. This is the driving force behind our newest, proprietary telematics solution, Kenco FleetCloud™.

From a single, user-friendly interface, Kenco FleetCloud™ unifies vehicles, drivers, and managers to streamline MHE processes such as monitoring equipment and operator performance, driving efficiency, safety, and compliance. But what does all that translate to when put into action? Let’s break down the solution’s features and their benefits.

Kenco FleetCloud

The Device

One device connects all aspects of operating MHE


  • Operator Status (Access Granted): Operator authentication supports compliance and reduces accidents by ensuring only personnel who have the necessary (and current) certifications are permitted access to equipment at the start of each work day.

  • Equipment/Operator Performance Metrics (Dashboards): Comprehensive equipment health and behavioral data allow instant identification of unsafe driving patterns, high-risk activities, and cost-saving opportunities via optimal operating levels.

  • Alarms & Alerts: Customizable notification settings enable managers and technicians to set varying incident-level alerts detailing severity and allowing for manual override or action.

  • Two-Way Messaging (Message): Built-in, two-way communication capabilities provide operators a direct line to managers and technicians (when vehicles are stopped) to resolve maintenance issues or answer questions.

  • Reporting: Consistently accurate impact and incident reporting allows managers to take preventative action against accidents while drastically reducing time spent on compiling daily operator checklists for regular compliance audits.


The Interface

One easy-to-use, brand agnostic interface gives warehouse and supply chain managers the complete visibility needed to optimize operations



  • Equipment Utilization Data (Asset Type Usage Chart): Tracking real-time equipment and parts usage across asset types at national and facility levels provides holistic insights to help determine ideal fleet size.

  • Preventative Maintenance Schedule Notifications (Maintenance Hours): Unifying preventive maintenance schedules across fleet assets on a single platform optimizes short- and long-term MHE buying/renting/leasing strategies while extending vehicle lifespans.

  • Compliance Health Breakdown (Health Breakdown): Upcoming safety certification dates collectively tracked and stored within the software notify operators and managers ahead of mandated training deadlines and provide overall compliance health scores across operations.


The Customer-Centric Approach to Implementation

While telematics devices are widely available, many shippers have had poor experiences purchasing expensive products from companies that have one foot out the door upon making the sale. With Kenco FleetCloud™, our goal is to help customers save money and identify risks and areas for improvement to truly increase efficiency, not just sell a product.

This mindset shaped our customer-centric approach. We aim to add value beyond the technology, working with your unique operation through implementation to ensure a complete transfer of knowledge regarding the full data-driven capabilities of Kenco FleetCloud™.

For over 70 years, Kenco has maintained its belief that material handling equipment (MHE) is a pillar to every warehousing operation and having awareness of your MHE fleet is the difference between a successful, profitable operation and an inefficient one. From efficiency and safety to productivity and compliance, we’ve continually emphasized telemetry’s benefits of data-driven fleet awareness across MHE programs. Offering the industry access to a truly brand-agnostic telematics solution in Kenco FleetCloud™ with a customer-centric focus on implementation is just another step toward our goal of creating highly efficient and intelligent supply chains for companies of all sizes.

Learn more about our solution here.

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