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How to Choose an MHE provider

Posted by Lindsey Shrader

"One of the biggest things to keep in mind with fleet services is that you want it to be outsourced to a material handling expert—one who approaches fleet issues comprehensively, rather than just one aspect. By choosing the right partner, you can focus on shipping orders out the door and on other operational priorities, while still having access to fleet information and being advised regularly by experts."

This eBook includes:

  • Advice to help your fleet save money and improve efficiency
  • Factors that drive optimal management of MHE fleets
  • 4 questions to consider before choosing a fleet services provider
  • Average savings with Kenco's fleet services
  • How Kenco saved a customer $1.2 million in one year

MHE fleet optimization Making the Case

Lindsey Shrader

Written by Lindsey Shrader

Business Development Manager specializing in material handling equipment, fleet services, and long-term strategy.


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