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Future of Drones: How Will Drones Affect the Supply Chain (video)

Posted by Matt McLelland on Mar 30, 2017 10:02:00 AM

Recently I had the opportunity to present —“Accelerating Drone Technology Across the Supply Chain”— at SCM World Live Americas Conference.

There has been a great deal of publicity about the use of drones in last-mile delivery, while that has great potential, there are other areas of the supply chain where drones can be employed now—or very soon. At Live Americas, we explored those opportunities and provided tips for vetting how drones can assist with inventory management, building inspections, yard management, intralogistics, and security.

Whether we are talking supply chain sensing applications like agriculture inspection by drone, or demand-response applications, it’s increasingly clear that drones should be considered for inclusion in most companies’ digital roadmap.

Please feel free to watch my presentation below––and if you'd like to take your research a step further, download our free whitepaper, New Supply Chain Technology



Drones aren't the only advanced technology changing your supply chain in the 21st century! To learn more about 3-D printing, robotics, and the other high-tech we're researching, download our free whitepaper, New Supply Chain Technology

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Matt McLelland

Written by Matt McLelland

Innovation Research Manager for Kenco Innovation Labs