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The Large and Small of Being a Top 10 3PL

Kenco Logistic Services was named a 2013 Readers’ Choice: Top 10 3PL Excellence Award winner in the annual...

February 21, 2014
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PRICING: It's Space and Labor

The world of pricing in logistics runs the gamut. From Mom & Pop companies who quote new business off of a rate...

January 03, 2014
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Managing Talent in a Supply Chain: Millennials/GenX/Boomers/Traditionalists

The first item we need to approach is establishing who/what the generations represented in the work place and...

December 05, 2013
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Onshoring: Is the Time Right For You?

Onshoring for U.S. businesses appears to be gaining momentum. Though there is some disagreement about the origin...

November 01, 2013
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The Importance of a Company's History, Values, and Culture

On August 1, 1950, Kenco began with just two employees–my father, Jim Kennedy, Jr. and my uncle, Sam Smartt, Sr.


August 27, 2013
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Supply Chain Innovations

The most frequent request we get from potential clients is to “proactively deliver innovative solutions.” Kenco’s...

July 30, 2013
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Best Practices: Things to Avoid - Travel Distance & Touch

Experts in the industry often state travel distance and touches
are the two greatest “sins” in distribution...
June 18, 2013
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Commit for Cost Savings

Real estate costs can represent a sizable percentage of a company’s total supply chain expenditure, but committing...

May 24, 2013
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Sustainability & Resiliency

The latest new word on the street in regard to sustainability is resiliency. Think of it like this: all metals...

April 30, 2013
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Is Your 3PL Financially Healthy?

To succeed in business, you need to be constantly vigilant in assessing the effectiveness of your practices and...

March 25, 2013
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Best Practices for “Greening the Supply Chain”

In the endless pursuit of “Greening the Supply Chain,” a company should focus on using its own sustainable...

September 20, 2012
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To Outsource or Not to Outsource? That is the Question.

It is not new to state the decision to outsource supply chain functions hinges on the level of organizational...

June 14, 2012
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Top 10 Steps to Efficient & Productive Warehouse Optimization

Warehouse efficiency promotes productivity, which is essential to customer satisfaction. The following tips have...

May 02, 2012


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