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Supply chain blogs: 4 of the most informational blogs

Posted by Sean Coakley


Keeping up with trends in supply chain is one of the best ways you can stay on top of the important things that are going on in logistics.

Here are the top 4 supply chain blogs you and your team should be reading. These are some of the best, most newsworthy blogs I have subscribed to and suggest reading.

This blog is one of the leaders among supply chain blogs. Featuring industry expert Adrian Gonzalez, the blog interviews leaders and people who are making the news in the logistics industry. People who are interviewed come from a lot of different backgrounds and types of businesses, and their insights always provide something useful to readers to use in their own businesses.

This blog is an old industry standard, having been around since 2007 when it was founded by Jeff Ashcroft. It covers every conceivable aspect of the supply chain industry. If you're looking for information on a particular supply chain topic, chances are high you will find it here.

Part of the family of blogs, this site is updated frequently, and features the latest news from the industry. It is a good source for breaking news, as well as evergreen information.

Bob Ferrari is the owner/author of this blog and he primarily discusses supply chain management, and is considered an excellent resource for those who are new to the business.

*Bonus Blog*


I do admit my own company’s blog has given me great insight and I feel the content here is solid and formidable. The topics range from supply chain engineering to finance to tackling operating hurdles. Content is posted at least once a week and is fresh and less than a 10 minute read time.

With you and your team reading these top supply chain blogs, you will have all the guidance you need to point your business in the right direction.  

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Sean Coakley

Written by Sean Coakley

Sean Coakley is Senior Vice President of Kenco. He provides strategic direction for sales and marketing activities for all of the Kenco operating companies.


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