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Professional Drivers Deliver Much More Than Products

Posted by Michael McClelland

Brand ambassadors. Customer service representatives. Installation experts. These are just some of the roles that Kenco's White Glove drivers play. These skilled professionals do much more than transport goods; they go into customer homes to install appliances and create lasting impressions.

A Kenco driver may be the last point of contact between a retailer or manufacturer and a consumer. The delivery experience often shapes the customer's perception of the company that manufactured or sold the product they have received. For two Kenco drivers domiciled in Denver, Colorado, this aspect of their jobs is not a challenge but an opportunity

"It is up to us to turn frowns into smiles," said Josh Bustillos.


As he and his co-worker Chad Williams explained,

"Some customers are frustrated before we ever arrive at their homes. Maybe, they have been waiting for an item on backorder or took time off from work to accept the delivery."

Josh and Chad work hard to "turn a negative into a positive,'' by making each delivery a good experience for the customer. According to Chad, "It begins by being dressed professionally, and today, wearing masks.”

From there, they said that drivers should provide courteous service while also being efficient and having the patience to answer questions that customers may have.

"When we leave a customer who is smiling, that is the most rewarding part of our jobs," said Chad.

Josh and Chad truly "go the extra mile" and their efforts are recognized. One customer made it a point to call their supervisor Vuyani Mahluza and shared these comments about Josh and Chad.

"They were professional, knowledgeable, courteous, efficient and I felt you needed to know that I appreciate them taking great care of us old folk."

Both Josh and Chad have been drivers for two years. They left other professions to become truck drivers because they were attracted by the sense of freedom they have, spending their days on the move, not at a desk or assembly line.

While they enjoy their work, both acknowledge that their jobs are not always easy. "You have to be prepared for the unexpected. Roads change, weather events happen, and accidents or delays can happen at any time," said Josh.

To deal with these and other unexpected situations, Josh and Chad said that drivers should be aware of their surroundings, avoid being rushed, and always focus on safety.


Vuyani says that Josh and Chad exemplify the best attributes of good drivers- patience, dependability, integrity, and the ability to communicate well – with customers and co-workers. Also, he said, they are committed to safety and come to work every day with a positive attitude.

As we prepare to celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, Sept. 13-19, I want to say thank you to Chad, Josh, and the more than 3 million women and men drivers who deliver much more than products. They ensure consumers get items they need and keep our economy going.


This week and every week, Kenco appreciates the dedication of truck drivers everywhere – they are truly unsung heroes.


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Michael McClelland

Written by Michael McClelland

Senior Vice President, Transportation


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