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Lift Your Standards on Forklift Maintenance

Posted by Jeff Burns

In the previous lift truck post, the first step in the awareness curve, suspicion, was discussed. Now, I will speak on the final three steps: data, recognition, and change.

Proactively Collect the Right Data­­­

All fleet owners should be proactive when it comes to lift truck maintenance. I challenge you to determine your fleet's actual utilization and spending costs. To do this effectively, you must collect data. Keep a record of all costs associated with your lift truck.

  • What was the initial cost?
  • What are you spending to replace tires? How often does this replacement occur?
  • What is the fleets’ maintenance schedule?
  • What expenses are accrued due to maintenance?

Recognize the Benefits

There are numerous reasons why taking the time to collect and analyze data is beneficial. First, it will help you to identify hidden opportunities to cut costs and improve productivity. You can also:

  • Optimize asset inventory – reduce rentals and idle equipment
  • Optimize maintenance and repair schedule
  • Minimize overall expenditures
  • Manage the equipment replacement cycle
  • Recognize opportunities to save money on ancillary items such as parts and tires

Lastly, remember that good data input means good data output.

Change Processes

Planned maintenance is an effective procedure to implement to extend a forklift’s lifespan. However, this should be scheduled around forklift utilization versus the calendar year. Additionally, forklift expenses should be planned in the budget. This eliminates the issue of only worrying about forklifts when there’s a problem.

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Jeff Burns

Written by Jeff Burns

President at Kenco Material Handling Solutions


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