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Innovation for Today: LoadProof

We recently conducted a survey of supply chain leaders to get a better read on how they’re thinking about innovation in their supply chains. You can read more about that here, but one of the highlights of that survey found that nearly 85% of respondents defined innovation as “process improvements” or “business model innovation” – suggesting that, despite keeping a keen eye on bleeding edge technologies like drones and virtual reality, a strategic priority for leaders is investing in and adopting innovations that can have a proven impact right away. Similarly, we saw a huge focus on supply chain visibility: 83% of leaders surveyed plan to invest in technologies in that area, far outranking other trends like automation and IoT technologies.

This wasn’t a big surprise to us: we frequently partner with customers on new ideas and solutions to address issues with supply chain visibility. One way we’ve addressed this pain point for our customers is through LoadProof: a user-friendly mobile app to quickly provide compliance visibility in the supply chain.  It helps customers avoid significant chargeback penalties by proving the product left the warehouse in a compliant condition. Kenco partnered with Smart Gladiator to provide this enterprise-ready mobile application and customer service portal.

After a rapid prototyping process and agile development, we’ve rolled LoadProof out to a number of our customers and made it available to the public so companies everywhere can enjoy the cost and efficiency benefits that come from enhanced visibility. We’re excited at how well this has been received: LoadProof is currently a finalist for Supply Chain Brain’s Supply Chain Innovation Award, which will be announced at CSCMP in September.


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